Are your thoughts helping or hurting?

A lot of factors impact our happiness; however when we look at resiliency and those who triumph, we see that it’s the thoughts we hold and the perspective we take that directly impacts our mood. This is easier said than done, though. There is a whole therapy model dedicated to this idea- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It has been developed because many of us have “stinkin thinkin” (as a former client use to call it), and if we can change this, we can actually improve our world in a very meaningful way! And, in a world where we tend to have little control, our thoughts are something we can learn to control – and that can feel very good! CBT helps use identify the thought patterns that impact our mood which in turn impacts our behaviors (what we do, how we react, etc.). We know that people develop “automatic negative thoughts” that start to hijack our mood, and these thoughts often lead to problematic anger, anxiety, depression, low self worth, and miscommunication in our relationships. All of our therapist are trained in CBT and find it helpful when working with individuals, couples, and families! Let us know if we can help 🙂