We blend a mix of therapeutic modalities to best meet the needs of each unique individual, couple or family. We want to understand you, your world, and your desired changes, and to collaborate with you in order to help improve emotional well-being and overall outcomes.

Individual therapy can be helpful for anyone struggling with current life stressors, mental health symptoms, or past experiences that continue to impact current well-being. Therapy can help if you are going through a challenging transition, coping with grief and loss, experiencing anxiety or depression symptoms, or finding yourself unhappy or unfulfilled.

We find that children, adolescents, and adults all benefit from individual therapy, whether the goals are to learn/enhance skills, change behavior, break patterns, or improve happiness. If you are struggling in your relationships, experiencing anger, have experienced trauma, have depression or low self worth, or are faced with overwhelming stressors, individual therapy may be helpful and beneficial.  The length of therapy is different for each person; however we work closely with each individual to provide services that will adequately meet you’re your needs and desired changes. Whether you’ve been to a therapist before, or if this is your first time, we encourage you to read about each one of us and contact us with any questions- finding a good fit is incredibly important!

Couples therapy is great for both new and long-term relationships. Whether you desire to make your marriage a success from the start, or are struggling with communication, feeling disconnected, adjusting to parenthood, coping with an affair, or are facing persistent problems due to partner differences, couples therapy is a valuable and recommended tool. Statistically, many couples wait too long to get help, and this can exacerbate problems. We welcome and encourage you to reach out for support regardless of how difficult things have gotten.

For couples who have decided to separate and/or divorce, we find couples therapy can significantly help transition into healthy co-parenting roles and can positively affect the children who are impacted by the divorce. Ultimately, we know relationship dissatisfaction can impact emotional well-being, work performance, and family functioning; therefore we strive to support couples and their desired changes.

Family therapy is a service that helps children, adolescents and their families strengthen bonds, break negative interaction patterns, and improve relationships. When working with children, family involvement significantly helps improve the outcomes of therapy. Family therapy can especially be helpful for step-families, as natural challenges can impact the dream of a happy blended family. It can also be helpful for those families going through a divorce, as this transition brings about many changes for both the parents and the children involved.

If you and your family members are experiencing conflict, struggling with discipline,  going through a transition, or seeking support to improve your relationships, then family therapy is the right service for you.