Molly Willett

Molly is a therapist in training pursuing her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at East Carolina University. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from Pennsylvania State University. Since Molly finished her undergraduate degree, she has wanted to make a difference in the world around her. Molly worked in communications in Washington, DC, and Seattle, WA before she and her husband relocated to Raleigh, NC for her to pursue her dream of becoming a therapist and helping others live more connected and enriched lives. 

Molly believes that without feeling secure with ourselves and our relationships, the rest of the world can feel out of line. She believes in the power that attachment and communication have in our relationships and our overall wellbeing and holistic health. In using a systemic, collaborative view of therapy, Molly plans to help children, adults, couples, and families learn to turn inward and access their emotions to determine their underlying feelings and unexpressed needs to connect better with those they love. In her work, Molly aims to remind clients of their strengths within and empower them to mend lost connections to healthier, more fulfilling lives. She is especially interested in helping those struggling with anxiety, trauma, bereavement, infertility, eating disorders, depression, relationship distress, family conflict, and difficult life changes/transitions. 

A believer in holistic wellness, Molly recognizes how our physical, emotional, and mental health are intertwined. She is committed to creating a calm, open, and safe space that encourages her clients on their journey to heal, to change, and to grow. 

Molly is an intern and cannot accept insurance. Molly offers a sliding fee scale starting at $20/hour. All intakes are a standard $20 regardless of income level.