Child Behavior Problems

Are your child’s behavior problems negatively impacting life at home or at school?

  • Does your child seem out of control or overly angry when faced with the slightest inconvenience?
  • Does your child defy you, yell at you, or even attempt to hurt you when you are trying to correct their behavior?
  • Does it feel like no matter how you approach your child, they are unable to calm down or self regulate when upset?
  • Does your child find it difficult to respond to stressors in a calm way, and instead has meltdowns or constant tantrums?

It can be overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting to deal with your child’s behavior problems with little to no success. It might seem like setting boundaries or consequences for your child’s negative behavior is an impossible task met with defiance and anger. Perhaps you have tried a variety of consequences or systems to help your child behave better, but nothing seems to be working. Dealing with your child’s constant behavior problems at home can make everyone in the family feel on edge or frustrated. Additionally, it is common that behavior issues do not just stay at home – you may be getting frequent calls or concerns from your child’s teacher that they are disruptive and defiant in the classroom and have difficulty with other students. 

How will I know if my child’s behavior is a serious matter in need of therapy?

You might wonder if your child’s bad behavior is just a phase or if it will ever be resolved. If you find that it feels impossible or hopeless to get your child’s behavior under control, it might be time to work with a therapist. It is true that as children grow they are learning how to handle big and new emotions, which can result in big emotional responses; however, if your child is constantly acting out in situations at home, school, and with friends, then it is time to consider this behavior as more than just a developmental phase. 

If I have not been able to get my child’s behavior under control, how can a therapist help?

You might feel like you have tried everything to help your child’s behavior struggles with no success, however, a therapist will collaborate with you to address your child’s emotional and behavioral needs as well as give you the support you need as a parent. A therapist can work with you and your family to assess specific triggers of your child’s behavioral problems to help make your home environment more comfortable for everyone. Additionally, your therapist can help you and your family cope when tensions are high and give you the tools necessary for conflict management and emotional regulation.