Child Adjustment Issues

Child Adjustment Issues


Is your child struggling to adjust to any of the following life changes?

  • New school

  • Divorcing parents

  • Death of a family member/friend

  • Change in grades

  • Moving

  • Medical/health issues


Change is difficult, no matter how old you are. For children, life transitions or big changes can be overwhelming and cause sudden change in behavior. You might notice that your typically outgoing child is becoming shut down and isolated, or your high achieving student is suddenly failing classes. If you are noticing that your child is consistently behaving “out of the norm”, then consider life events that could be contributing to this change.


How do I know if my child needs help adjusting?


Some life changes such as moving homes or to a new school are natural and normal, while others like a family death or divorce of parents can be more painful and confusing. No matter the degree of change, children respond to these transitions differently. For example, following a big family move, one of your children might be excited about this big change with little to no major reaction, while another child might develop separation anxiety when apart from you or start refusing to go to school. Neither reaction is “wrong”, but is a sign that your children are coping with this change in different ways and will need different approaches for effectively adjusting. 


How will a therapist help my child adjust?


Therapy will give your child a safe space to talk about and process this life change and the feelings that are beneath their behaviors. Depending on your child’s developmental stage, their therapist can help them process emotions through words, art, play, etc. Your child’s therapist can work with you to identify changes in your child’s behavior as well as help you implement healthy coping skills at home. 


It is likely that the change impacting your child is also impacting you too. If necessary, your therapist can work with your whole family to help you learn how to successfully adjust to the change together. Everyone experiences difficult life changes and adjustments. It is never too early to begin conversations with your child about how to effectively cope with and handle these changes.