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Story Your way to a Happy Marriage

(click “read more” to see TEDtalk link) “I’ve interviewed hundreds of couples and the number one thing that can determine marital happiness is not the job they have, it isn’t income, it isn’t children, it isn’t where they’re from, it isn’t where they are going, it isn’t where they live in the world, it is […]

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Sometimes the most frustrating moments come from seeing things one way and knowing we are correct, but forgetting that there may be another correct way too. If your partner, children, co-workers, family, etc. are seeing things differently, don’t let this divide you! Get curious; try to understand; remember that there is often more than one […]

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Is it bipolar?

Bipolar Disorder can sound scary, but is often considered when mood changes occur from high highs to low lows. Behaviors can look or feel erratic, and this can impact how we feel, our work, and our relationships.  Do you experience ups and downs that are starting to become a problem? Do you get too happy […]

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