What to Expect


When scheduling your appointment, your therapist will answer any initial questions you have, and will send you our initial intake and consent forms if you wish to complete them ahead of time. We will also have copies available at the office should you wish to complete them there.

We are located in the RealPro Center, at 1513 Walnut Street. When you enter the building, please take the lobby elevator to the second floor. Then, hang a hard left and you will see our suite (215) on the right.

Your therapist will meet you in the waiting room at your scheduled appointment time.  Please do not enter any of the therapy rooms when you arrive. There are restrooms and water fountains available across from the elevators if you need them.

Your first appointment will entail completing initial paperwork and consents, discussing confidentiality, and answering any questions you may have. We will also complete an assessment that will help us better understand your history, what brings you to therapy, and what you are hoping to gain from therapy.

If you plan to use insurance, please bring your insurance card for your therapist to make a copy.

Your therapist will discuss treatment recommendations at the end of your first session, and will continue to discuss treatment needs, changes, progress, and recommendations throughout your time with us. Please collaborate openly and honestly with your therapist in order for you both to create an appropriate plan of care.

When using the Prepare/Enrich assessment tool as a consultation process only (i.e. not engaging in therapy), you will need to contact our certified therapists,Erin, and complete the assessment prior to your first appointment. At your initial appointment, you will receive a Couples Report and will review the results of your assessment. At the end of this appointment, you can discuss follow up appointments as needed, and can discuss insurance options if therapy is recommended.


How long is each session?
How often do I/we need to come to therapy, and for how long?
How can I/we get the most out of therapy?
What types of problems can therapy help with?
How is the Prepare/Enrich assessment tool helpful?
Do you take insurance?
Do you offer reduced rates?
How can I schedule my appointments?
What if I need to cancel/reschedule?
Who can I contact if I have more questions?